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A panel Applet using GTK2 for showing the Status of a Hackerspace. Compatible with the SpaceAPI version 0.13.

Original source: (I moved to $HOME from $CCCHH… ;))



  • Standard tools like gcc, pkg-config etc.
  • curl
  • gtk+-2.0
  • json-c
  • libnotify - Only needed when compiling with libnotify support.

Use the following command for getting the sources:

git clone

Change into the new directory:

cd SpaceAPI-GTK

To compile the sources just run:


This will compile dooris with libnotify support.

If you don’t want notifications run the following command:

make nonotify


Just copy “spaceapi-gtk” to a folder in your $PATH. I do:

cp ./spaceapi-gtk ~/bin/

You can copy the file to /usr/bin to make it available to all users but I don’t. If you want that just run:

sudo cp ./spaceapi-gtk /usr/bin/


Configuration needs to be done before compiling. There are some parameters you can set in the head of the spaceapi-gtk.c file where variables are declared. A configuration file will at this point make no sense.


Run spaceapi-gtk with:

./spaceapi-gtk & 

Or if in your $PATH:


Status Icon “Pesthörnchen” colors:

  • Red = Door closed
  • Yellow = Door open