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Roger Router

Roger Router is a utility to control and monitor AVM Fritz!Box Routers.


  • Supports AVM FRITZ!Box Routers
  • Send Faxes via FRITZ!Box from every application
  • Call signalization for incoming- and outgoing calls in realtime
  • Softphone-Integration with DTMF support
  • Read and delete of FRITZ!Box caller list
  • Print caller list
  • Automatically stores and extends the caller list on the local drive for large list support
  • Reverse phone lookup using popular yellow pages (e.g. “11880” in Germany)
  • Dial helper to call from PC, e.g. via double-click in a journal entry or via address book.
  • Address book integration: Evolution, FRITZ!Box phonebook, Google, Kontact, VCard, Thunderbird (read only)
  • Reconnect to internet (Router remote control)
  • Dial dialog with hangup support
  • Set Fax resolution
  • Setup-Assistant for an easy initial application configuration
  • Definition of actions (e.g. stop / start media playback at phone call start / end
  • Supports libsecret (GNOME Keychain, KWallet)
  • Control of own filter views in the journal

Linux installation

A detailed installation guide (including printer installation) can be found at: tabos.org

Fedora compilation

sudo dnf install ghostscript-devel

macOS installation

Use HomeBrew to install Roger Router.

For this, install Homebrew, then install Roger Router using Terminal.app:

brew tap tabos/rogerrouter https://gitlab.com/tabos/rogerrouter.git
brew install rogerrouter

All dependencies should get installed automatically.

To run roger, type “roger” in the terminal.

To auto-start Roger Router on login, add /usr/local/bin/roger to your autostarts in your User preferences.