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This is my $HOME

This repository contains my complete configuration for awesome, Zsh, Vim etc.

It is actually a work in progress because I try to migrate stuff used in more then 15 years to a new and fresh $HOME setup. Don’t wonder why some parts look stupid… ;)

It is a special configured repository where every file is ignored in .gitignore. Only files I am sharing accross users/systems are “unignored”.

This repo is for my personal use only. Feel free to take a look… ;)

I am using a lot of Git submodules so take care of the licenses of each project.

I use a default wallpaper provided by Willi Thiel licensed under CC BY-BC-SA 2.0 ( The source for this image is:

Clone to your $HOME

cd ~
git init .
git remote add -t \* -f origin
git checkout master
git submodule update --init --recursive

Existing files will not be overwritten!

Keep your $HOME up to date

The Zsh configuration provides a command named “home” to keep things up to date. The following command updates your home and all submodules.

home up

If you want to see a list of all commands run:

home help